Syresa commitment based on a strong strategy of service the customer. Our slogan "We do what we like, we like what we do" defines us, supported by the following pillars:

· Engineering Department.

· Cooperation with manufacturers.

· Technical studies.

· Internal logistics.

· Delivery in 24 hours.

· Continuous training of the employees.

· Information and consulting for the customers on new products.

· Leadership in the application of new technologies.

The main sectors for which we work are the following:

· Aeronautics

· Automobile

· Food industry

· Paper industry

· Tyre sector

· Renewable energies

Our company –Syresa–was born in 1989, under the watchful eye of a market environment with a real technical demand for industrial supply and with needs for specialised advice. In the course of its development, our company has grown professionally up to provide high-level customers such as Renault, Michelin, Iveco, etc., which gives an idea of the quality that characterizes our company.

In 1997, we chose our definitive location in the industrial park of San Cristóbal in Valladolid, one of the largest and best communicated industrial parks in Spain. It is currently our company's communication centre.

In 2007, we increased our product offer with the opening of Syresa fluidos, in the industrial park of la Mora in Valladolid.

In 2015, the new facilities in Vitoria expanded our geographical area with the aim of offering the best possible service to our customers of the Northern area.

Currently, we are a company in continuous expansion inside and outside of the Community of Castile and León. Our company policy is largely committed with logistical and technical extension, in this regard, our facilities have modern communication and transport systems, as well as 3,500 m² allocated to storage, exhibition, selling and offices.

The subsequent management system complies with the ISO 9001-2000 standards since 2000.

Our work team assures the sector’s requirements, due to its qualification and professionalism.


Our purpose consists in the selection, supply and the resolve of needs for industrial technical supplies, based on the knowledge of the market and the existing material.


Leaders in the Northern area of Spain both for our available stock references as well as our customer service. 


•  Advice for all customers, providing optimal solutions to their demands.

• Commitment in the processing through good knowledge of the market and of the existing materials.

•  Provide added value to the customer. This is part of our company philosophy.

•  Leading-edge technology in our whole infrastructure, internally and in computer applications.

Thank for this, we have become in one of the largest companies of the sector, being always grateful to our customers for the trust they have placed in us.

Human resources

Our staff is comprised of more than 35 people, who are prepared for providing the customers the most appropriate advice according to their demands and needs.

Technical and management training is essential in the human environment of Syresa. As a company, we understand this added value, translating it into ongoing training and retraining actions. We have defined technical advising areas, each having their corresponding experts, because we think that this is our most important differential value.

ISO quality system

Adapting to the new times and to demands for quality by the companies, we have since 2000 the quality normalization with its corresponding audit of the UNE Spanish standard in IS0 9001-2000. This process aims at providing forms and guarantees to our functional and procedural documents, in order to optimize and achieve better purposes related to the business behaviour established.

Thus, Syresa adheres to the concept of a reduced number of companies which provide a large part of our economic and human resources in pursuit of excellence for the customers.



Logistics and control

The special typology of companies such as ours demands an important investment in understanding the product and the supply of the same, to which we have to add a customer service which is both technical and has a concrete definition in time. With these parameters, it is therefore necessary to know the whole supply and control line to find the best solution and the appropriate product required.

In this process, our company –Syresa– has chosen to renew on an ongoing basis the computer system and the proceedings with the customers and providers, whose final aim is the optimization.


In parallel to the logistics process, in feedback with the needs for quality and procedures, our company's communication systems seek constantly to be at the edge of technology.

The B2B platform on the Internet, encrypted processes and step by step communication with the customers, provide a great versatility to the communication system with customers and providers. Furthermore, remaining that the staff in charge manages and processes these systems with regard to their quality standards.

Technical advice

We cannot be emphasized in elements which differ substantially our company's activity. It is based on human workers, which provide customers the solution and the commitment in the processing through our knowledge of the market and the existing material. We consider that among all the offer and supply, there is always a solution with the best value for money. Proving the customers with this added value is, more than our duty, a company philosophy.

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